A fresh start.

We are re-launching a website with a brand new name, logo and website address. The business has been restructured and so changes needed to be made. The previous url was getting good traffic under local searches, so the challenge is to see if we can do it again – and of course, to try to improve upon what we had.

The new url is http://midstreamshc.com and we’ve already changed all the in-house link exchanges to reflect the new address and site name. I’ve added the site and business to google maps today (which should be done for all my clients – what a great, free opportunity!) and will spend some time updating directories with the new link.
The logo is new and I’m pretty happy with it. I was concerned about the gradients within the arrows not being conducive to many printing techniques. For example, he may run into trouble when putting vinyl on a company truck, or when getting shirts embroidered. I submitted some ideas with graduating areas of solid color to circumvent this problem, but the client really liked the gradients, hence the final version includes them. He is aware of the possible limitations and so I deliver what is asked of me.