Self Defense Update and New Site Features

Self Defense Academy in Howell, NJ needed to make some pretty significant updates to their website recently so since we needed to revisit so many pages for changes, I decided to offer up some new features to add while we were there.

Graphically we changed the header and footer on every page. We updated the text on almost all the pages and revised the gallery which used to contain only youtube videos displayed in an iframe.

The gallery changed completely and my client is glad to see it too because now he can manage a great deal of the content. We created the custom youtube player and redesigned his youtube channel so that it’s linked to his google account and we put all his stuff in one place. He’s got a shiny new google blogger blog, picasa photo albums, a google calendar for upcoming events and a youtube channel embedded in the site which he can access and update from a single page once he logs into his own google account. Google offers this up as a really user-friendly, versatile and FREE content management system for clients to have some control over their own websites without having to know html and be familiar with ftp programs. Whew!

Take a look at the newest version of the site here >>>