Take Action! Use video to promote your small business online!

As NJ begins to allow small businesses to reopen and the local cases of Corona Virus continue to decline, I want to encourage you to ramp up online marketing efforts to let your customers know that you are ready and able to serve them!

Please consider taking a few minutes to record a quick, 1 minute video talking about either a product/service you offer OR how your business has made adjustments during/after Covid.

Some business owners are NOT the type of people who want to be seen on camera. They duck when pictures are taken and they qualify a photo with a stern, “Don’t put that on Facebook!”. Understand that promoting your business with your face in the video is a good business decision. It’s a fact that people will connect more with your video if you appear in the clip, for multiple reasons. Your brain is hardwired to respond to faces, but even more importantly, when people see you as the business owner in the video, especially when they don’t know you or have any experience with your business yet – you have the ability to introduce yourself and build trust. Building trust helps increase conversions which leads to more sales.

Give it a try! Make a short video to introduce your business.

You might say – “Walk the walk, Lisa! Don’t just tell me, show me.” I recorded this video today as an example. It’s typical that I am my own worst client and I rarely promote myself as I scramble to spread the word about the other small businesses I work with. I made this video to help you see how quick and easy it can be to create this type of content and use it to leverage search engines and the power of youtube to drive more traffic to your website, where the conversions are most likely to take place.

Your video could go like this:

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Introduce your company.
  • Where you are located and/or service radius.
  • Ask if viewers are looking for the product/service you offer.
  • Describe product/service.
  • Why should they choose you?
  • Thanks for watching!
  • Contact information.
  • Closing!

If you are addressing Covid 19 in your video, you could mention how your services may have changed, if your business hours have changed and that you are accepting appointments and new customers now and are ready and able to help!

Once you have your feet wet, make additional short videos to talk about each of the services you provide. A could demonstrate featured product you are excited about and would like to promote. Make a video to answer frequently asked questions or talk about an award or upcoming event. Do a virtual tour of your shop or facility. Interview a customer and create a video testimonial for your business. There are so many ways to use quick, informal videos to promote your small business online.

Some video tips

The easiest way to get started with video is to use your smart phone.

Don’t have a tripod? Set up your phone on a bookshelf with you standing in front of it. The phone should be about chest high.

Take a horizontal video – not vertical. YouTube is designed with a horizontal screen – a horizontal video will fill the screen better on all devices.

RELAX. Don’t worry if you trip over your words. This video should be short. If you “mess up” stop talking. Take a breath. Start talking again. There are simple video editing apps for your phone you can use to trim mistakes out of your video before you post it online. If you feel more comfortable starting over completely – you can do that too.

Don’t over think it! This is an important step to capture the traffic and potential customers on YouTube. Video helps improve your search engine rank.

Let’s get started! Contact me if you have questions, I’m here to help. 732-496-4677