Easy Status Updates and Sites to See

A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of http://posterous.com, from here you can keep a blog or update any social media service you frequent (or would like to) – I think this is a great idea and more and more sites are offering this. The Flock browser lets you update your friends as you surf – tweet deck lets you view and submit friend updates from facebook and twitter from the same platform and now this allows you to update any status by sending an email to one address.

My first post on prosperous was a personal one as I haven’t updated my personal WordPress blog in a looong time. I need to fiddle with the settings a bit but it allows you to set up more than one prosperous site attached to the same profile and email address. You just send the posts to slightly different emails.

I may set this up for one of my clients who seems to be intimidated about maintaining her own blog. With this service she could update it just by sending an email.

Client Updates

has a new background, navigation and gallery slideshow. I’ve also converted the site to css and got rid of the tables.

has new navigation and cleaner layout which is now almost completely css based. Still use tables for some of the pricing, but we’ve mostly done away with them.

replacing the old design with completely new one. This is the third version of the design, but I’m glad we kept going because this one looks the best. Still need to replace the silhouettes on top with pictures of dancers from her school.