New Navigation Attempt

The NJCVC website is becoming quite large (lots of info to share with the world!) and I’ve decided to find some new navigation solutions that will allow me to update the vertical menu on the right side from one external file instead of updating each of the site’s 31 html pages every time something changes.

I tried using ScriptForest Popup Menu Builder (version: 1.230), which is what I used for the new left side navigation on, but when I installed it on the NJCVC site, I got some feedback saying that it wasn’t displaying properly in IE. Yuck.

My most recent attempt can be attributed to which offers really pretty customizable templates and a jazzy online engine to create the menus. The down-side is that I tried this platform to create the navigation for the urban legends site and it crashed when I was almost finished. ARRRRRGH. I lost an hour and a half of work. I made it through creation and installation for NJCVC, now I just pray that it’s as easy to update as I hope it is.

New Jersey Coalition for Vaccination Choice

Take a look at the green drop down menu on the right side and let me know if you see anything funky going on. Better yet – send me a screen shot!