Invisible ads may get your business SEEN online.

A company recently requested me as a network contact on I have to give this guy credit.

It’s a great idea, he’s working to promote it, the ads are cheap and even though it could use a slicker look – he’s gonna make some money with it. As a person who does website maintenance, this site is a dream… only changing the url of the link and the “alt” tag for each ad?!?! Uber-easy. Concept is king for this site. 

I’ve seen something similar before, but this is a good twist which brings a novelty and marketability to the idea. It doesn’t feel “stollen” to me. On this milliondollarhomepage site pixels were sold at $1 each in 10 x 10 blocks and they all had actual designs. This was a hugely publicized site, the owner did the talk show circuit, so the home paeg was literally filled with little glimmering images reminiscent of a litebrite board. If you go there now, the ads still appear and since it’s completely filled (sold out) you can buy a limited addition poster print of what the full page looks like. *rolls eyes* Come ON! This guy is just laughing his way to the bank while he thinks up his next website idea. haha.