More on FOAF, thanks to mglcel

ok mglcel, I checked out your and I’m going to make a foaf file there. Oh, I’d never heard of geekcode before and I thought it would be fun so I played along for a while but it got soooo looong and out of date that I didn’t finish it. I’m also not afraid to say that it made me feel like kind of a dope. I admit to being obsessed with the internet, but I’m no programmer and I’m pretty clueless about all the languages they were talking about there. To each his own. But I digress…

The question I have about FOAF files is this. generates a foaf file for you and makes it part of your profile. If I create a separate new foaf file and upload that to my website (as this site said you should do with a filename foaf.rdf), will these two foaf files of mine compete with each other? Will it be like creating multiple profiles on a social networking site? It seems that having more than one foaf published online could only confuse the whole point of the thing.
Also, the one created by mybloglog doesn’t allow me to edit it myself in any way – when I view the file I can see that it’s basically linking to all my social media profiles and linking to all the people I list as a “contact” in mybloglog. So, say I know someone who has a foaf file on their site, we’ve agreed to link those files to each other, but they don’t have a account. No can do, right?