Re-coding Websites For Search Engines SEO

Recently, On Your Mark had two clients with similar needs. Both companies are local New Jersey businesses that had existing, informational websites with code that was outdated and/or not search engine friendly. Neither company was interested in a complete website redesign and there was largely nothing wrong with the existing structure and basic design. Headlines needed to be edited, title and other meta tags added, images optimized, social networking links added and google analytics code installed to keep track of where the website traffic is coming from.

This meant that every page of the websites would need to be adjusted, though much of the content copy and graphics would remain the same. In this situation, we recreated both sites with fresh, streamlined html, adding on-page search engine optimization along the way. The navigation remained simple, site structure stayed the same and much of the copy and graphics carried over from old site to new.

We charge for this kind of work on an hourly basis and it’s an extremely affordable way to give the website you like an advantage over your competition in search engine placement. If necessary, this is the first step we take in our Search Engine Launch Package when we are working with an existing website.