Need Search Engine Help? Quick Tip for NJ Businesses Related to The Travel Industry

You have a small business website and you’ve heard of search engine optimization before, but you leave the details up to your webmaster or marketing team. FYI you guys – search engine optimization is never completely done on a website. It’s always changing because search engines are changing too. Though change is really the only … Read more

Re-coding Websites For Search Engines SEO Recently, On Your Mark had two clients with similar needs. Both companies are local New Jersey businesses that had existing, informational websites with code that was outdated and/or not search engine friendly. Neither company was interested in a complete website redesign and there was largely nothing wrong with the existing structure and basic … Read more

The Pampered Spirit Restructures and Moves to WordPress

The Pampered Spirit Mobile Massage and Spa company required the power and versatility that can be delivered by a wordpress site. Also, the html version was getting large and global, sitewide changes, even if they were small, were taking up a lot of time. The change also allowed their old blogspot blog to be … Read more