3 Reasons to Link to Your Google + Page from Your Small Business Website


A small business website should include a link to their Google+ page if it isn’t already there. Does YOUR business have a Google+ page? Does that link appear on your website? At https://oymdesigns.com, we make sure to link to all your existing social media profile pages from your small business website.

Here are the top 3 reasons to include links to your social media profiles on your small business website:

1. By interlinking from your company website to your social media profiles, website visitors have the opportunity to connect with you by liking and following to stay in contact.

2. Ideally, those social networking profiles also link back to your website. Linking to those profiles increases their link popularity and, in the eyes of search engines, higher link popularity gives more importance to the links they provide back to your company website.

3. If your website is being optimized for search engines, and if your social media profiles are fairly new, those search engine spiders that find your website are also likely to index your social media profiles as they follow the links they find on your site over to Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr.