Update the Content on Your Small Business Website to Revitalize Your Results


Current, timely content and websites that are frequently updated are most attractive to Google and may increase your search results and the response you receive from your website.

If you have a website for your NJ small business, take a few minutes to visit your website and take a look around.

Is there any information that’s outdated? Do you have any new products or services you’d like to add to or promote on your site? Have you received any new testimonials from your customers that you would like to add? This may be the perfect time to post a new special offer or discount onto your specials or coupon page. Don’t take that valuable content straight to the social media profiles like facebook and twitter FIRST – put it up on your website and share THAT link to your social profiles. That way you are bringing visitors back to your site and they will be more likely to contact you, rather than just “like” the post and move on.

Does your site have any blank pages? Take some time to write a few paragraphs of content and email them to us so we can fill them in. The text doesn’t have to be perfect, but you have to start somewhere. Your webmaster or internet marketing company can likely edit the copy for you.

If your site includes a blog or learning center consider investing a short amount of time, just 20 minutes or so each week to write a few paragraphs to create a fresh new blog post. Posting regularly to your company’s blog can garner a lot of attention for your business on the web. Some suggestions for current blog post topics might be: top 5 lists of things to avoid in your industry, top 5 things to look for when shopping in your industry, one thing vs. another thing and the pros and cons of each, an event, new product or service announcement, a gallery of recent photos, etc.

If you need a new website, or a local, NJ based company to help you update and maintain your current small business website, visit https://oymdesigns.com to see how we can help. If you have any questions or would like to discuss our on-going efforts to provide you with the very best internet marketing services, please call On Your Mark Design and Graphics in Bayville, NJ at 732-496-4677